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Virtual Exhibition Tour

By moving the mouse across the filmstrip, you can scroll it to the left or right. Centering the mouse over the middle of an image will cause the filmstrip to stop, and the corresponding exhibition topic will be displayed. By clicking on the image, you will navigate to the appropriate topic page in the exhibition. From the subject page, you can return to the virtual tour at any time by clicking on the icon to the right of the content.

Interactive Map of Europe
Departure and a New Beginning
Departure and a New Beginning / Recruitment
Departure and a New Beginning / Ways of Migration
Departure and a New Beginning / Monasteries as Precursors of Settlement
Bohemia and Moravia
Bohemia and Moravia
Bohemia and Moravia / Spa Culture
Bohemia and Moravia / The Forest as a Resource
The Baltic States
The Baltic / The Nobility in the Baltic Region
The Baltic / The Urban Economy
The Baltic / Dorpat University
The Western Carpathians
The Western Carpathians / Living Together in Bratislava
The Western Carpathians / Trade and Commerce in the Towns of the Zips
The Western Carpathians / Metal Mining in the Slovakian Mountains
West Carpathians
Transylvania / Prosperous Farmers
Transylvania / Fortified Churches
The Danube Region
The Danube Region / Crop and Livestock Farming
The Danube Region / Colonisation
Lodz, Volhynia, Lithuania
Lodz - Volhynia - Lithuania / Lodz
Lodz - Volhynia - Lithuania / German Colonists in Volhynia
Lodz - Volhynia - Lithuania / Railway Construction in Lithuania
Galicia and Bukovina
Galicia and Bukovina / Tolerance and the Educational System
Galicia and Bukovina / Culture and Literature
Galicia and Bukovina / Home Mission in Galicia
Black Sea - Bessarabia - Volga
Black Sea - Bessarabia - Volga / Agriculture around the Black Sea
Black Sea - Bessarabia - Volga / Religion and Education in Bessarabia
Black Sea - Bessarabia - Volga / Growing Prosperity and Urban Life
Black Sea - Bessarabia - Volga / Askania Nova
Black Sea - Bessarabia - Volga / Volga