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Interactive Map of Europe

German Life in Central and Eastern Europe

The Interactive Map of Europe “German Life in Central and Eastern Europe” provides an insight into regions where, often since the Middle Ages, Germans have settled.

 A topographical map of Europe is projected on a 1.8 x 4m large projection screen, on which 17 regions are marked. In front of the projection screen four operation terminals with touch sensitive screens are located. Each terminal has an assigned projection window of the same colour on the main map.

The map can be navigated with a compass symbol on each operation terminal. With a click of the finger on an area the animation starts and in the associated terminal’s projection window a captioned picture animation shows insights into the history of the Germans in this region. One learns something about specific landscapes, areas and important figures. For some regions, once the main animation is over, it is possible to pick other smaller regions within it, to which further similar animations are available. In each animation explanations are to each picture are shown as subtitles.

The Interactive Map of Europe Exhibition Module was developed and constructed jointly by ‘Pandora Neue Medien GmbH’ and ‘Facts & Files – Historical Research Institute Berlin’.

In the future a modified form will be shown in Berlin.